That Yummy Bean Dip

The other night I was watching tv and suddenly thought that I’d really love to have some bean dip on crackers. Something made from white beans (I have canellini and haricot in the freezer) with perhaps some garlic, maybe a little cheesy, lots of flavour and a nice texture was what the tastebuds were craving.

Of course, I was too tired to get up off the sofa and actually do anything, plus we don’t have any crackers in the house and we’re not going food shopping, so I left it until the next day and had a flick through my cookbooks but didn’t find anything that I had all the ingredients for so I wandered onto Vegweb to have a look about.

This recipe was closest to what I was after, for some reason though even though I knew that basil wasn’t what I was after at all I still put 1 Tbsp in when I made it… I like the dip but next time I will leave out the basil and perhaps add another clove of garlic and a bit more nutritional yeast. It was nice (I found some breadsticks to dip into it in the larder) but not *quite* what I was after!


So, what do you think?

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