Risotto With Zucchini and Sun-Dried Tomatoes

This was my first recipe from Vegan Italiano and if it’s anything to go by I’m going to enjoy cooking from this book a whole lot! I finally found some sun dried tomatoes not kept in oil and they were really lovely in this, even DH who doesn’t like tomatoes, or courgettes/zucchini much, really enjoyed this risotto so it was a hit all around!

I haven’t cooked much risotto in my life, and when I have done in the past I didn’t understand what the consistency was supposed to be like or have the patience to put the stock in a little bit at a time like you’re supposed to. Now that I’ve seen it cooked on tv many times and understand that it’s not supposed to be really dry and don’t mind standing in the kitchen stirring quite a bit risotto is something that will be on our menu more, this book and the Mediterranean Vegan have several more that I want to try.

The only change I would make when cooking this again is to add the courgettes earlier, they were still a little bit crunchy for my liking, if I put them in 5 or 10 minutes earlier they will be cooked through better I’m sure.

I had the leftovers of this cold or lunch yesterday and it was lovely as well, definitely a recipe that will be used again. Sorry there’s no photo, I was eating it before I remembered that I’d wanted to take one!


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