Chickpeas With Vegetables (Safed Chane Aur Sabzi)

This is another store cupboard dish (well, if you have carrots and onions in anyway!) and very easy to make. Forgot to take a picture of it again I’m afraid, by the time I get dinner together at the moment I just want to sit down and eat, after 4 weeks of not sleeping through the night I’m feeling a bit frazzled!

As with most recipes from this book you make up a Tarka with onions, tomatoes and spices and add that to the other ingredients, in this case chickpeas, carrots and more spices. The recipe called for horseradish or radishes which I didn’t have and never actually have, but the dish didn’t suffer for it in my mind.

The spices called for are hing, mango powder, garam masala, ginger and a load of cumin seeds. I served it over white rice and Little One and I both enjoyed it, DH not so much but he’s not a fan of most Indian food.

As usual I reduced the chili level in this and just used half a mild chili in it which was plenty for us.

I will be making this one again as it was simple and tasty and only took about half an hour from starting chopping to getting it on the table.


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