Skinny Bitch

I bought this book after reading on the Internet that it was a vegan diet book, needing to loose quite a bit of baby weight (from both babies!) I decided to give it a go seeing as it was also reasonably priced on Amazon!

The book spends the majority of it’s pages telling you why meat and animal products are bad for you, it gets quite graphic in the animal cruelty pages and if the information they provide can’t convince you that a vegan diet is the way to go for you and the animals then I don’t know what will. By no means is loosing weight the only reason given for becoming vegan, the health aspects of animals and humans are covered in great detail.

The rest of the diet advice isn’t really that different from anything else you will read, it’s basically stop eating when you’re full, eat lots of fruit, vegetables and pulses and do some exercise. The list of ‘acceptable’ foods isn’t much use over here in England as it’s all products that we can’t get our hands on.

I do worry a bit that they advocate vegan ice cream, cheese, pre packaged meals and baked goods as being ‘healthy’ as they’re not animal based. Vegan or not those things are not good for you and I actually gained weight when I went vegan as it was so fun discovering things that I *could* eat, so I ate them!

I wouldn’t say this was a very useful book for people who are already vegan and wanting to loose weight, but for those on the Standard American Diet (or English diet!) who probably will loose weight moving to a vegan organic healthy diet it is really powerful and I’m sure it has converted many people to veganism, which is all good in my opinion.


So, what do you think?

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