Taco and Burrito Fill

No photo of this as one lot of taco ‘meat’ looks very much like another! This one is made with tvp, a red pepper, onions, garlic, a tin of tomatoes and lots of spices. It’s really simple to make and while it’s simmering away for half an hour you have time to make the guacamole, chop up the salad and get the shells or wraps ready for use.

DH said it was too hot, but I thought it was just right, it had a bit of kick but didn’t make your mouth and throat hurt! My only tiny complaint about it is that it’s a little bit watery which drips out of the shells and would make wraps really soggy. Next time I will drain off the excess liquid before serving it.

I adore this cookbook and must use it more, it’s 2 books in one, the other side of it is The Dirty South Cookbook which is just as good. You can find it on Amazon or get it direct from Microcosm which is what I did and their shipping was very reasonable to England.


So, what do you think?

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