Diet Week Two

I’m totally amazed to have lost any weight or inches this week as I really didn’t stick to cutting back and even failed to fill in the food log I’m keeping, wonderful for week 2 huh?!?

Anyway, I lost 1lb and 1 3/4 inches bringing my total up to 3lbs and 4 inches lost, which isn’t too bad a start really.

I will make a bigger effort this week to cut back again and to keep track of what I eat for sure, I really want to get this weight off and I feel so much happier in general when the scales show a loss, especially with such a long way to go.

I am mentally trying to break down the weight loss into smaller parcels than 42lbs, my first goal is to get under 200lbs (you don’t know how embarrassing it is to admit you’re over 200lbs, sigh) and then I will start aiming for the stone mark and then half stones until it’s gone. For any US readers a stone is 14lbs, no idea why or where it comes from, I’m sure you can Google it and find out, but English people weigh themselves in stones….

When I reach each target I will treat myself to something, mind you I’m all about treats at the moment anyway, just bought some lovely vegan shoes which I will post about if they fit and ordered a new purse from a US vegan shop, again I’ll post about that when it arrives. There are plenty of other things I would like to get as I’m working on defining my own ‘style’ once again now that I don’t have to wear the maternity stuff, so I will probably buy something off the list whenever I reach a target, just don’t tell DH!


So, what do you think?

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