Seitan-Portobello Stroganoff

I’ve made this before and we really enjoy it, it’s a very tasty meal. It does take some time to prepare, about an hour in total I think, but it’s worth the time if you can spare it!

I did make a couple of changes, I used white wine instead of red as we didn’t have any and I don’t like it anyway! I also used chestnut mushrooms instead of Cremini as we couldn’t find any of those. The recipe says to serve it over wide noodles but we’ve got several pasta dishes on the menu to come so I decided to use rice instead. I used 2 tins of prepared seitan in it as I can’t find the recipe I know I have that tells you how to make seitan from regular flour rather than vital wheat gluten which we can’t get over here except from one company where you have to order a ton of stuff to make shipping worth it (if I get into baking my own bread when Little One is back at school I may place an order and stock up on the vwg though).

The next menu I’m doing for a few weeks time I’m back to trying to shop in the larder, it’s incredibly full again! I moved all my items waiting to fill jars when the empty etc onto a shelf as they were in stacking baskets down the side of the freezer and whenever we went out for a day without the dog she would rip open bags and spread stuff about while we were out. I won’t be stocking up like that again now but rather waiting until something is empty or I need it before buying it as I want to gradually empty the larder down so that when we move I’m not having to throw things out or give them away. We’re also hoping to have the kitchen decorated in the next few months and lord knows where I will store all that stuff while it’s being done!

Anyway, there’s no baby expected to interrupt the larder cooking this time so hopefully it will be more successful!


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