Couch To 5k

A few years back now I stumbled upon blogs talking about the Couch to 5k running plan from Cool Running and decided that I wanted to give it a go. I ran in High School and have attempted it a few times since but never managed to get into a routine and I needed a cheap form of exercise that didn’t involve me needing a babysitter or creche to do it any any special equipment bar a pair of shoes.

So I printed off the plan, bought a stopwatch of Ebay and went in search of a pair of vegan running shoes within my budget. There I hit a snag, I couldn’t find any at all that we could afford and that didn’t have leather or suede on them. So the stopwatch went away, the plan got put in the recycling and I carried on not exercising.

Here I am again with baby weight to loose and still needing that easy quick exercise plan. This plan calls for 3 20 minute workouts a week which I should be able to manage, although it will probably be around 9pm before I can do it unless I plan ahead and can go running before we eat dinner.

Again, we headed out to search for running shoes, but this time I was prepared with the information provided by my sister that all New Balance shoes are not only vegan but also made in England. We hit 2 sports shops one night, the first didn’t carry NB and the second didn’t have any in my size so Friday I headed out with the boys in tow to see if the sports shop down the road from us had any. One trip by Little One later and an accident report filled out I was finally trying on running shoes in my size. They had quite a few pairs of NB on the shelves and I decided to stick with the lower price range they had which was £29.99 (all were reduced by at least 30% in price, they are a discount sports place), they had another 4 pairs at £39.99 but every penny counts! The shop assistant got me three pairs in my size out of the 5 they had on display, unfortunately the orange ones I wanted weren’t in my size and another pair were light pink so I ruled those out!

The mint green ones had no bounce in them at all so they were ruled out before I even tied them up, the blue ones fit nicely except they rubbed the back of my heel when I walked in them so I tried on the dark pink ones which fit perfectly and laced up differently from the blue so they didn’t rub, the bonus was that they were reduced from £59.99, which I could never have afforded for a pair of shoes. So these are my new running shoes:

Now I just have to find that time to get out and do the running, but I will be wearing the shoes about the place a few times first so my feet get used to them, don’t want to cripple myself the first time I go out.

Wish me luck, the last time I can remember going for a run was 1995!


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