Diet Week Three

Another pound off this week, I would have thought I could have lost more but my period started so I’m actually surprised that I didn’t gain weight, especially with the baking, perhaps I’ll gain next week once I’ve eaten all the baked goods! I was all ready to write off this week and post that due to my period I would just not count this week, but then I saw the one pound loss and was happy to take it!

I also lost another inch this week, not a lot but better than nothing at all. In total I have now lost 4lbs and 5 inches in three weeks, slow but sure I keep telling myself.

I wanted to start running yesterday but my periods are hellishly heavy so there was no way I was risking it. I am all ready to go though when it’s calmed down, I went and bought some clothes to run in as I didn’t own a pair of jogging bottoms and only have a limited supply of t-shirts as I don’t want to buy or make clothes that I’m going to be too small for soon (how’s that for optimism?!?). I got jogging bottoms with drawstring waists so that I can tighten them when I need to and some long sleeve plain coloured t-shirts, I’m all about having special things for special activities so I bought stuff I knew I would like to wear, no point feeling down and thinking you look awful when you’re panting and sweating anyway!

Hopefully next week I can post that I’ve started running and have lost more pounds and inches, still a long way to go but I didn’t expect to loose it all overnight, although it would have been nice!


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