Masaala Chickpeas and Potatoes (Chana Aaloo)

This is another winner from this great book, lots of onions with chickpeas, potatoes, red pepper and tomatoes with just the right amount of spices (it seemed like I had half the spice jars out but they all go together so well). We had this with poppadoms but it says to serve with bread. It would also have been nice over rice as it was saucy but we had run out of rice so we just ate it with the poppadoms and enjoyed it that way. Little One loves chickpeas and peppers so he was happy, DH was less happy as it had a load of onions in it (three of them) and he’s not a fan. Also I had half a green chili which I’d left a bit too long and it had gone red and therefore hotter so it was a little hotter than we would normally have it.

The only change I made to the recipe was to add half a chili instead of the 2 that the recipe calls for.

I was a bit confused when cooking this dish that the instructions seem to skip a couple of steps. There are about five ingredients that you are never told to add to the dish so I just threw all those in together and it seemed to work out. I’m going to check the publishers website for errata and will email them about it if I can’t find anything as it’s the first error I’ve found using this book and it’s sad that such a great book should have something wrong in it.

Will definitely be making this again, DH will just have to suffer the onions!


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