Diet Week Four

No weight off this week, but that’s not too bad considering that a few days ago I weighed myself and the scales said I had gained back the 4lbs I lost! I didn’t do too well with eating less this past week and I will try and work on that this week. I did somehow loose another 3/4 of an inch though so it’s not all bad.

I have started doing the walk to and from school which adds up to 3 miles a day. I walk the to and from without Little One fast as I can pushing a pushchair to use it as exercise and hopefully that will start showing some benefit soon. I did the first day of the Couch to 5k plan on Sunday and thought I was going to pass out. I knew I was out of shape but I was pretty shocked at how bad it was. I realised that with the school walking I am not going to manage the running three times a week as well until I am fit enough to handle it better. I have decided to do week 1 of the plan twice a week for a few weeks and then I will see how I feel and whether I feel ready to do it three times and then move onto week 2. I want to get fit and work exercise into my life and I know that if I try and do too much it will be worse for me mentally than doing too little so slow but steady is the best way to go.

Hopefully I will be able to report some more weight off next week, nothing is more motivating than the scales showing you weigh less!


So, what do you think?

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