I got this book in the post the other day, it’s written by the author of Squirrel’s Vegan Kitchen (sorry have a cold and can’t be bothered to link, if you Google the book title or the blog title it should be easy to find). The last thing I really needed when trying to loose weight (can you tell how well that’s going by the lack of posting about it!?!?) was to buy a vegan baking cookbook but I wanted a copy of this for my collection and as Kris had provided me with a shipping price for it I decided that I may as well get it as this month’s addition to my cookbook shelf.

There are a lot of really nice looking recipes in this book, the only thing that puts me off a few is that they call for a cup of margarine, which is almost a whole tub over here which makes things pretty expensive. Also some of the recipes call for you to cream the margarine and I have had bad experiences with the vegan margarine we use where it just turns to runny mush rather than holding any shape at all so I’m not sure I will be using those recipes.

However, as I had planned to use up the leftover BBQ Chili from the freezer there was no better time for a new cornbread recipe to arrive in the house. I made it into 8 muffins rather than a loaf and they came out really well, it was very tasty cornbread and the texture was great. It could be slightly improved had my DH not bought me fine ground cornmeal rather than the medium that I prefer but when I do get some medium I think these will go from great to fabulous! I will definitely be using this recipe in my cornbread rotation, I think I’m up to 3 recipes now that never fail me!

I’ve put 4 of these in the freezer as it was only Little One and I having the leftovers and we didn’t need 4 muffins each! I will try and remember to post how they fare when defrosted.


So, what do you think?

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