Creamy Chicken and Corn Soup

This recipe is from the Australian Broadcasting Company website via a blog I read but can’t remember the name of!

It’s a really simple recipe and easy to veganise if you have some mock chicken (or seitan) to hand. We use Realeat Chicken Style Pieces (we also like their Fishless Fishcakes, Vegemince and VegeBangers which are all vegan) and adore them, unfortunately they don’t seem to be in our shops very often and they’re pretty expensive but when we see them we buy 2 bags!

Basically you make a roux, then add stock (I used a chicken style cube that I bought in America and some vegetable stock as I only have on chicken style cube left now, sob) and when it’s thickened a bit throw in onion, chicken pieces and sweetcorn. The soup was lovely and thick and we all really enjoyed it with some nice bread that the boys went and bought for the meal. The soup reheated well the next day for lunch too which is always great.

This one will be added to the soup rotation for sure, although not too often due to price.


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