Lentil Loaf and Simple Shallot Gravy

I don’t think this recipe is very well written and unless you live in a diner there is no way you would ever need as much Lentil Loaf as this recipe makes.

To start with the recipe calls for 4 cups of lentils to be cooked with 2 cups of water. If anyone actually manages to cook that amount of lentils with that small amount of water I’d love to hear about it. I used brown lentils and used one hell of a lot more water to cook them.

Next the recipe says that all the ingredients will fit into a 4×7 inch loaf tin…. Ummm, 4 cups of dried lentils cooked plus a cup of oats, plus 1 cup of nuts plus 4 2/3 cups of vegetables plus half a cup of bulgar, my spatial awareness isn’t all that fabulous but there’s no way on earth all that will fit in a tin that size.

The picture is of half the recipe, and it was a real squash to get it into that tin which is actually bigger than the 4×7 inch tin called for. I did wonder if maybe it was supposed to be 2 cups of lentils with 4 cups of water but it still wouldn’t have fit in the tin that way.

For the amount of time it took to make (it has to bake for a total of 65-70 minutes plus there’s the lentil cooking time and veg saute time) it wasn’t as good as it should have been and was a little bit dry. The nuts and seeds make it have an odd crunch which made you wonder if the lentils were undercooked (they weren’t) before you realised it was a sunflower seed or walnut. The herbs didn’t make it that tasty either.

I served the loaf with mashed potatoes and Simple Shallot Gravy from Garden of Vegan. I like this gravy recipe although next time I will leave out the maple syrup as with the sweetness of the shallots it was a little too sweet. I think the extra sweetness comes from the fact that I only use 2 teaspoons of miso in it rather than 2 tablespoons as the larger amount would just make it far too strong for my liking. I used my stick blender to puree the gravy and it made it nice and thick. It reheated well the next day for lunch with leftover lentil loaf.


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