Banana Bread

Even though I’m still feeling a bit ill I really fancied banana bread so I pulled out my new book to see if it had a recipe I could use and sure enough there was a very simple banana bread recipe. It cooked in the time the recipe said, even though it looked done ten minutes before the end of the cooking time but the stab it test showed it wasn’t done inside. Unlike some loaves though it didn’t burn on top during the last 10 minutes cooking which is great.

Having just now tried the bread it has a really nice texture and is very tasty. I’m not sure if my loaf tin is bigger than it should have been as my loaf is a little flat, it was a bread loaf tin that I used, I don’t own anything smaller, but it doesn’t affect the taste of the bread, just the shape so that’s ok.

I am sure I will make this again and I will probably add nuts next time like the recipe suggests as I do like a crunch with my banana bread, however as I’m not feeling 100% I didn’t want to risk adding more than I needed to.


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