Curried Split Pea Soup

I adore this recipe and it always comes out when the weather turns cooler as it’s so warming and wintery feeling to me. I used yellow split peas this time as I had them in the house and it turned out just fine, it was interesting to see it a different colour! The spices in this soup are just right and it isn’t too hot even though it has definite curry taste (I guess that’s down to the heat of the curry powder you use though).

I make this soup in the slow cooker sometimes (as I did this time) and just fry the onion and spices before adding them. It comes out really well and cooks faster than you think it will, it only needs to go on low to be done in a few hours. I have finally made a note in my book after adding all the water twice and having to drain some of it off before eating that if it’s made in the slow cooker you need 6-7 cups of water (depending on how thick you want it to be) rather than the 8 cups you’d use if you boiled it on the cooker.


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