Crispy "Pork" with Sweet-and-Sour-Sauce

I really loved the taste of this dish. I used tvp chunks reconstituted in my usual fashion and then fried until crispy. They were so nice that a lot less of them actually made it into the dish than were fried as I was snacking as I cooked! Next time I will have to remember to add a few extra to cover this.

The recipe only has onion and red pepper as vegetables, it was supposed to have water chestnuts too but I seemed to have forgotten to buy any so they didn’t go in. The sauce is very simple and not as sweet as the other sweet and sour dish I made from this book.

I served it over udon noodles as I didn’t feel like cooking rice and I love udon noodles and hadn’t been able to find them recently. I prefer the dried ones, for some reason the cooked ones in packages freak me out a bit, I prefer to cook them myself!

I will definitely be making this again, it was really lovely and the crispy chunks really added a lot of taste to the meal, along probably with a whole ton of calories.


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