Cauliflower and Mushroom Potpie with Black Olive Crust

So, like every other vegan on the planet I am now cooking all the interesting sounding dishes from Veganomicon and the ones that appear on all the blogs (stay tuned for the Chick Pea Cutlets in the near future!).

I made this dish first as my sister bought me a lovely casserole dish for my Birthday from a potter that we visited on holiday and I wanted to use it!

This was a really tasty dish, the only changes I would make in the future would be to halve the amount of tarragon in the sauce to 1 tsp rather than 2 and to reduce the olives in the crust to 1/4 of a cup instead of 1/3 of a cup as there was slightly too much.

I roasted the brussel sprouts with some olive oil and they were fabulous. We tried roasting some on holiday but didn’t use enough oil as they were a bit dry but for these I got it just right and they were yummy!


So, what do you think?

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