Spaghetti and Bean Balls

The second recipe from this book. I also used the Marinara Sauce from the book as the recipe suggested. The balls were really nice, the lemon zest added a lot to the flavour. I think next time I will fry them rather than bake them though as I would have liked them to be a bit more crunchy on the outside than they were. I also think that they were a little soft in the middle so I might add some more vital wheat gluten to them and see if that helps.

The sauce was a little bit plain for me, I think with one of the variations with vegetables in it that it might be a bit better. I’m used to very rich pasta sauces that I make with balsamic vinegar in them and wine and normally some sun dried tomatoes, so just having tinned tomatoes with some garlic and herbs wasn’t quite up to that level of taste, but it was nice all the same.

Definitely a recipe to play about with and perfect for the future as it was a nice addition to organic wholemeal spaghetti. They also reheated well in the microwave for lunch today, although of course they were even less crispy after that.


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