Stir Fry with Greens, Mushrooms and Curried Seitan

This was yet another great stir fry from this book. I used tvp chunks instead of seitan and braised with the sauce that the book suggests they were fabulous, incredibly tasty. I used some dried preshredded black mushrooms that I picked up from the Chinese supermarket and they were very nice as well and I also used kale rather than the Chinese greens suggested as I couldn’t find any bok choy in the supermarket (usually I see them every time I go, but of course when I wanted to buy them they weren’t there…).

I still have quite a few of the stir frys to try in this book which I’m looking forward to and at least 2 are making it onto each menu I write out as they’re so tasty and fast. Definitely worth buying this book if you like Chinese food, I haven’ t made it out of the stir fry section yet and I feel like I’ve justified the buy!


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