Caesar Salad with Roasted Garlic Croutons

Last one for now, I promise!

I just remembered that I made this when I saw it on someone else’s blog! While we were on holiday we had a nice retirement meal for my Mother and I was in charge of the starter (my BIL, who is a vegetarian/vegan chef made stuff harlequin squash with puy lentils and apples for our main meal which was lovely). As I’d just got Veganomicon the day before we left I decided that I would try the recipe that everyone was raving about on their blogs as we were having a big heavy main course and chocolate cake for pudding (also made by BIL and also amazing).

The salad was lovely, the croutons came out really really well and the dressing was lovely. The only change I would make next time is to use a clove less garlic (or perhaps my Dad’s home grown garlic was just stronger than shop bought garlic) as it had a bit too much power for me. I had never used capers before so it was nice to finally have a go with them. Everyone raved about the dressing despite the garlic breath effect, even my Dad who is a committed meat eater and hates it when we try and make non-vegan stuff vegan and has always had a special hatred for tofu for some reason (the dressing is mainly silken tofu).

Definitely a keeper!


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