New Toy!

My Grandmother gave me money for my Birthday and this is what I’ve bought with it! My current food processor/blender combo is really ratty. The blender lid was severely chewed by the dog which means that it’s hard to fit on (and the blender won’t work unless the lid is locked). It’s also not dishwasher safe so it’s a little grubby no matter how hard you scrub it. The food processor seal is broken as well which means that when you add liquid to it sometimes it will run right out the bottom. Little One found this hilarious when we were making burgers one day, but I don’t find it quite so funny!

This new baby has one base unit which will take up less counter space. The motor is 9oow so it should be fine for blending/processing hard vegetables. The processor is a 2.9l capacity as well, I used my BIL’s processor while we were away and it was tiny so I knew I needed something that wasn’t ‘mini’ when I came to buy my new machine. It comes with plenty of blades and a spice mill which will be great for flax seeds etc. It also has a citrus juicer, apparently my current one has one too but after 7 and a half years I’ve never found or used it, but now I know I have one perhaps I will!

The husband should be picking it up from the shop for me on the way home and I’m very excited to give it a go. I think I have a few tins of chickpeas so perhaps hummus for my first thing in it, I will get thinking now about more burgers and spreads etc too as I’ve not been able to do them with the not so good machinery I’ve had.

The best bit is that it cost 1p less than I was given, and as it’s stocked in a local shop there is no postage charges (I went to buy it from Amazon but it was from one of their associates and they wanted £8 postage on it). Colour me a happy cook, isn’t it nice when the small things make you happy?!? lol


So, what do you think?

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