Woolfie’s Eggnog Muffins

I have wanted to make these for ages and ages. Trouble is that you can’t buy vegan eggnog over here and I’d never gotten around to making any. However, my Dad being ex-US Military is able to shop on bases, and on the way to our holiday destination he and my Mother took our shopping lists to the Commissary and picked up whatever they could find that we wanted. Apparently if you’re vegan and stationed in Suffolk you won’t get many vegan essentials there as I had a long list and didn’t get much of it. What I did get though was 2 cartons of Silk Eggnog and boy was it lovely!

The only change that I made to this recipe was to make 8 muffins rather than 12, I prefer my muffins on the large side!

I had to make these muffins yesterday before I ran out of eggnog as I’d been drinking it and was worried that my willpower to not finish it off wouldn’t last! These muffins were well worth the wait though, they are nice and light and the eggnog taste along with the ginger and nutmeg are great. I will definitely be trying the eggnog recipe from HIAV soon and if it works out well I will be making these muffins again!


So, what do you think?

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