Chick Cheese

I have wanted to make some spreads and dips for a while now but never seem to have everything in that the recipes call for to do so. Last night I picked up a few bits and pieces and I will try and get some other bits from the International Supermarket in the next few days for some other spreads I’ve got in mind.

This one is really easy, just chuck it all in the food processor and let it all get chopped together. My miso was dark instead of light or chickpea so I only used 1 tablespoon instead of the one and a half that the recipe calls for and it was still too miso tasting so chickpea miso is now on my shopping list.

I ate it on thick slices of fresh bread with chopped tomato on top and it was lovely. I’ve got some crackers to have it on as well for lunches and snacks. Not managed to get Little One to taste it yet but I will keep trying!


So, what do you think?

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