Stir-Fried ‘Chicken’ and Snow Peas

Another tasty stir-fry from this book. The ‘chicken’ is actually tofu marinated in a few bits and pieces. I don’t think that English firm tofu is as firm as stuff from the US because as soon as you start to fry it or stir-fry it it begins to disintegrate. This dish wasn’t worth photographing as the tofu made it look like something had curdled in it, at least it didn’t ruin the taste though!

Besides the tofu there are just some Chinese black mushrooms, bamboo shoots and snow peas. I presume that snow peas are what are called sugarsnap peas over here as I’ve never seen anything marked snow peas. The sugarsnap peas were nice even if they weren’t the right thing though!

These dishes are fast and easy to make, you marinate and soak anything that needs it and then make the stir-fry sauce and chop the vegetables. Then you fry things in the order directed, add the sauce and cook until it’s thick and bubbling and then serve over whatever you like with your stir-fry. We had this one with rice and it worked really well together. All in all, besides soaking the mushrooms and cooking the rice, this dish took 15 minutes to make.


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