Chickpea Noodle Soup and Oat Bread

This soup was really hearty and filling. Like the other recipes from this book it does make a ton of soup so I think I will be halving it in the future, I don’t mind having leftovers for lunch but I will be having this soup for a week if I eat what’s left! It’s another very simple recipe too with ingredients that I tend to have on hand so it will be a good ‘what the hell am I going to make tonight?’ meal!

I didn’t have the right miso for the soup, I thought I had bought the right stuff but it turned out I’d bought another packet of the variety I already had in the fridge. I just used a spoonful of it as it was darker than the one called for and can be overpowering if too much goes in. I do like miso but I don’t like it screaming at me when I’m eating something.

The bread was another very easy make, just throw some stuff together and stick it in the oven for 50 minutes. It’s very dense and slightly sweet, I had some for breakfast this morning toasted and it was lovely so I don’t need to make half a loaf of it as I know I can use it up which is good.

I got my copy of Yellow Rose Recipes today which I’m looking forward to having a look through, the photographs look great from having a flick through, I hope the recipes live up to the pictures! I also got a copy of a little recipe zine that was offered on Vegan Eats and Treats, I love these little zines, they have some interesting stuff in them and it was lovely to receive one for free on Christmas Eve, thank you!

Merry Christmas to anyone who reads here, I won’t be posting Christmas food as we’re off to the In laws for Christmas and are having a ‘turkey’ loaf thing with all the trimmings there. I may make some mince pies later, but as they’re just pre-made pastry and jarred mincemeat they’re not really worth posting about!


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