Pineapple-Cashew-Quinoa Stir Fry

This didn’t photograph very well, without the flash it looked awful and dull and with the flash I’ve picked up the steam coming off it so I couldn’t win!

This is another easy dish to put together, you have to pre-cook the quinoa but I did it during the day while I was pottering about and it’s just boiling it so it wasn’t difficult. Little One is a big fan of pineapple so he got stuck right in to eating that and the carried on eating the peas and pepper which he also likes a lot. He actually sat quietly and just ate away which is pretty amazing for him, the only bit he didn’t like was the cashews.

The quinoa is cooked with the pineapple juice (I used what was in the tin) and it gives it a really nice taste. The herbs in this are basil and mint which sound a little bit odd but seem to work. I didn’t have fresh mint so I used 1 teaspoon of dried mint. I have to admit I was a bit worried about the mint and should have actually used 2 teaspoons, next time I will try the full amount!

I didn’t have any mirin, I will buy some next time I’m in the Chinese Supermarket and see what that adds to the flavours in this dish. I also didn’t garnish with lime, I’m not sure that you actually need another flavour like lime in this, but again it’s something I will try in the future just to see what it does.

I think that this would work well cold the next day for lunchtime leftovers, there wasn’t any left this time around though to try.

My quinoa was at room temperature so it only took just over five minutes to reheat in the wok rather than the 10-14 minutes the recipe says it will take. Also, the recipe doesn’t say to add the cashews into the dish (you toast them at the beginning). I just threw them in a few minutes before it was done to heat them up a bit and it worked fine.

Definitely a keeper!


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