Chipotle Lime Two-Bean Hummus

Another first recipe from a book that I got for Christmas. I have to say that not much in this book really inspired me to cook, reading through it I began to find the introductions to the recipes a bit irritating, there are a lot of ingredients that we dont’ see over here or are too expensive for me to use and all the notes down the side of each recipe makes it seem a bit disjointed to me. However, my sister mentioned that she’d tried this recipe (I bought her a copy of the book for Christmas as she’s a big fan of Dreena’s books) so I thought I would give it a go as I had everything in the kitchen that I needed to make it (bar the fresh cilantro, I never have fresh herbs except for basil so I tend to leave them out if they’re added at the end or sub dried if they go in whilst cooking). I didn’t add the lime zest in as I used bottled lime juice.

This hummus had more of a kick than the yam one which was nice. I made sure that I added more garlic this time and I added the full amount of lime juice (I adore lime). The chipotle hot sauce gives it a really nice flavour as well as heat, the chipotle flavour is my favourite of all the different chili’s that I’ve tried so I throw it in a lot of stuff.

I will be making this one again for sure. I’ve not had Little One try it yet so I don’t know if my little hummus fan will enjoy it or if he’s more of a purist with his ‘dip dip’.


So, what do you think?

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