Sloppy Joannas

Sorry, no photo of this as I forgot to take one until I was halfway through eating it and a half eaten plate of food isn’t really something that needs it’s photo taken!

I really liked this recipe, it was simple to follow, used stuff that I had on hand and tasted really nice (always the best plus point!). The only other Sloppy Joes recipe that I’ve used is from Garden of Vegan (or How it All Vegan, can’t remember) and it’s very very rich and uses packaged fake hamburger meat whereas this one is just spicy and rich enough and uses tvp making it much cheaper to make.

The recipe says that you use between 8 and 12oz of tomato sauce (I used passata, closest thing to tomato sauce over here) and I ended up using a whole bottle of it which was over 12oz to keep it as moist as I wanted it to be. I also added a green pepper, Joanna notes that she hates green pepper but her tasters had added some and as I had one to hand and we like it I threw it in and very nice it was too.

Will be making this one again for sure and it was a nice introduction to this book, will hunt out more to make from it with next months meals.


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