Vindaloo Vegetables

Our oven is broken at the moment so everything I am making has to be done on the burners instead. I realised yesterday that unless we wanted pasta again I needed to throw something in the slow cooker and this recipe took the least amount of time so it won.

Sorry for the scary flash photo, the one without was so dark you couldn’t see what was in the dish.

I adore slow cooker cookery, just throw everything in and put the lid on and then forget about it until it’s time to eat. This recipe you puree the spices and add them to the onions and carrots that you’ve fried before putting the rest of the vegetables in and adding the liquid which is a load of tomato puree mixed with water. The liquid didn’t cover my vegetables so I added more and made my usual mistake of adding too much, I have to keep reminding myself to not be so impatient and throw in a ton of water but to instead add a little and then see if it needs more later, I have ruined so many dishes by flooding them with liquid!

Luckily this one was ok despite the added liquid. The heat was just right (you add only as much cayenne as you want, I put in just under 1/8 tsp, Little One and I don’t do heat too well) and the spices all worked together really well. This recipe made enough for us for dinner plus enough for another night and for two lunches so you get value for money out of the amount of vegetables it takes.

I actually cooked this for half the time I had on low and then threw it up to high as I didn’t have the amount of time left that the recipe recommends, it didn’t seem to suffer from the extra heat at all.

Will make this one again for sure in the future, I’m really enjoying using this book and there is more to come from it soon!


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