Sesame Soba Noodles

Sorry once again about the flash photography, hopefully the days will start getting longer soon and I can take some better photographs of the things I’ve made!

I love this cookbook. I did worry when I bought it that it would be one of those large cookbooks that was padded with dull recipes amongst the good ones as it has 400 recipes in it. However I have gladly been proved wrong and enjoyed so many things I’ve made from this book, I always seem to find something new to try as well when I’m making up my menus and there are a ton left that I’ve not tried so lots more nice dishes to come from this book!

I really enjoyed these noodles, the sauce was just the right mix of sour and sweet and didn’t taste too much like tahini (I’m not a huge fan) even though that was the main ingredient. There is carrot, pepper and peas mixed in with the noodles and then toasted sesame seeds on top. When I make this agin I will add more vegetables to it as they were a little megre for the amount of noodles.

It was very quick and simple to make, I think it took just over half an hour in total and it reheated well for lunch today.


So, what do you think?

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