Pan Handle Chili and Cornmeal Biscuits

If you’ve read much of this blog you will know I have a thing for chili and biscuits, I would eat them once a week during the cooler months, probably more if I could get Little One to tuck into it more than he does (once he finally got going he did enjoy this dish). There is just something about a nice hot bowl of chili (with bread of some sort or rice) that makes you feel all warm and looked after.

This chili is really nice, it’s got good tomato flavour and also has bulger in it which gives it a nice chewy texture along with the usual kidney beans etc. The recipe makes enough for 2 adults and one child and I’m looking forward to seeing how it reheats for lunch today.

The biscuits were interesting but the wholemeal flour made them a bit heavy and killed the cornmeal flavour I thought along with making them a bit heavy. I will try these again with white flour and see how they come out, I imagine that the cornmeal flavour will stand out more and they will be really nice. They were ok the way the recipe says (except for the mixture being a bit too dry and needing more soya milk in it) but I think they can be better.


So, what do you think?

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