Sweet and Sour Chiptle Tempeh with Sweet Potatoes and Coconut-Lime Basmati Rice

Can I first say what the hell is it with this book that all the ingredients have to be listed in the name of the recipe???

I really enjoyed this Sweet and Sour although I won’t be making it as the recipe suggests next time. The sauce is wonderful but with the sweet potato it is a little bit too sweet for me. I think next time I will put in one small sweet potato and then add more peppers, some carrots and perhaps some mushrooms. This is another sauce where I had everything in my cupboards so I wil use it in the future for an easy throw together meal with whatever I have to hand.

I won’t be using tempeh again in it though. I have tried tempeh twice now and I just can’t get a taste for it at all. It’s not horrible this way as I boiled it in stock for 20 minutes and then it baked in the lovely sauce but it just doesn’t do anything for me at all and it’s pretty expensive to be buying it and picking it out of things when I’ve had enough. This recipe would be lovely with some seitan in it or perhaps some fake chicken pieces so I’ll try that in the future.

The rice was a nice tasty recipe and I made it because the book suggests that these two recipes go well together. I really have to disagree though, they were both really nice to eat but they just didn’t compliment each other at all for me, I think plain rice would have been much better with the sauce and the rice should be saved for a plainer main course, perhaps a simple stir fry or something.

Both of these were easy to make and the recipes worked so those are plus points at least! The leftover Sweet and Sour was nice in tortillas for lunch the next day too, although I have to admit I picked out all the tempeh and just ate the vegetables!


So, what do you think?

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