Brunswick Seitan Stew

This was a really nice thick stew that really hit the spot on a cold night. It had onion, green pepper, garlic, tomatoes, butter beans, corn and seitan in it and also had a little Tabasco (chipotle in my case as that’s all I have in the house) which along with worcestershire sauce gave it a nice twang. The gravy is thickened with potato flakes, or in my case dried mashed potatoes as that was the closest I could find in the supermarket. I used tinned seitan as that’s the only kind you can buy around here and as I can’t buy gluten flour I can’t make my own unless I do the whole knead and rinse thing which I don’t have the stamina for!

Little One and I both really enjoyed this and I will be making it again sometime I’m sure. We had it with biscuits to mop up the gravy.


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