Chuckwagon Stew

I didn’t get a photo of this as my camera was upstairs when dinner was ready, but it looked like your average stew and tasted really scrummy. I used tvp chunks rather than tempeh (I think we’ve covered my non-love for tempeh) and they were nice and chewy and soaked up the nice flavours in the gravy.

This is a really simple stew having only potato, carrots and onion in addition to the tempeh/chunks. The gravy has ketchup in it though which added a really nice taste which surprised me (but I’m sure it’s why Little One liked it as like most 4 year olds he’s a bit ketchup fan!). I did have to use more flour than the recipe calls for to thicken the gravy at the end to my desired thickness but that was the only change I made to the recipe besides the chunks.

I served this with some leftover cornbread that I had in the freezer and it went together well. Another keeper!


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