Well Hello There!

So, after I moved I didn’t manage to get Broadband for three months, thus the lack of posting. However, I’m back now and taking photos of things I’ve cooked and I fully intend to post a lot more on this blog with general stuff about food as well as what I’ve been making. Of course all plans are bound to change or fail, but I shall try my best!

We’ve settled in well in our new house (in case you didn’t know my husband and I separated and the boys and I moved away) and I am incredibly excited and happy that it is a 99% vegan household. Jim* is vegan in this house and vegetarian when he goes to see his Dad and that is actually by choice which amazes me. One day he started asking about vegan and vegetarian and the whys of it (I didn’t go into too much horrible detail, he’s only 5!) and since then he’s been asking me what is vegan and what isn’t. Of course things like his Aunt or Grandma buying him an icecream or some chocolate bought by either of them does tend to slip through the cracks now and then but I no longer buy him anything non-vegan. Piggle has been vegan since birth besides one box of cows milk formula after I read that the soya formula wasn’t suitable for premature babies (he was 5 weeks early). After he gained a bit more weight with that box of formula it was back onto the soya formula but he did have some non-vegan soya formula now I think of it when he was in the hospital with Bronchialitis, besides *that* thought he’s vegan! :o)

It’s nice to be able to relax about the vegan thing and explore it more, my husband had a huge thing about me being vegan, he absolutely hated it and couldn’t explain to me why. At the end of our marriage he refused to eat what I cooked and made his own meals which added to the already high level of tension. So, to be away from that and able to cook what I want without someone judging me for it is a great relief. Oddly, he feeds Piggle vegan food even though he disagrees with him being vegan and feeds Jim vegetarian stuff. I was fully prepared for him to feed Piggle the same as Jim but for some reason he’s not. It does mean that Piggle eats more processed food than I’d like *but* of course I’m happy that it’s vegan processed food so I try not to worry about it too much, especially as it’s only every other weekend and a whole week here and there that it happens.

I am super excited that I have found an organic vegetable box scheme near my house. I couldn’t get anyone to deliver vegetables to me in Liverpool which was incredibly frustrating. This farm grow a lot of stuff in season but they do buy in stuff so they can keep variety in the boxes and have them all year round, but that’s still better than the food miles picked up on organic stuff from the supermarket. I have started with an £8 box (about $15) and this week I got a large butternut squash, a bunch of carrots, 2 large heads of broccoli, some tomatoes, some potatoes and four red onions. I think I may have to move up to the £12 box as there isn’t quite enough there to get us through a week but I will give the £8 box one more go before making up my mind.

I also discovered from the leaflet that they put in the box that they do fruit so I have ordered a £5 bag of fruit for each week (that’s the smallest one they do) and said that we must have at least 5 bananas for Jim but beyond that I would like a selection. If it’s good but not quite enough I will go up to the £8 bag of fruit which with the £12 box only makes it £20 a week which is pretty much around, if not less, that what I’ve been spending in supermarkets anyway and at least a lot of it is local which is great! Sorry, that’s a long ramble about vegetables there but as I said, I’m so excited about it! The photo at the top is of some tomatoes I picked up from the shop at the farm who do my box.

Cooking for a vegetable box is the complete opposite of the way I normally select what I’m going to make. Usually I will go through my recipe books and choose what I want to make and then go out and buy the ingredients. This week when the box arrived I looked at what I had and what I had already in the house and then went through the indexes of the recipe books looking for specific vegetables to decide what to make. This is what I came up with:

Shepherds Pie with frozen peas (I have a bag of vegemince in the freezer)
Tahini Rotini With Broccoli and Lemon – Vegan Planet (sounds like hummus on pasta!)
Seitan and Broccoli Stir Fry – Vegetarian Family Favourites
Butternut Squash Risotto – Get It Ripe
Carrot Soup – How It All Vegan (with some sort of bread I will pick out closer to the time)
Chili from the freezer
Sausage, Chips (fries) and baked beans (I try and do at least one ‘kid’ meal a week)

So, I think I did pretty well from the vegetables that I have and my shopping list of what I need to get is incredibly short, the only produce I’m buying is a cucumber, a lemon and a red pepper!

I have been growing some stuff as well here which I’m hopeful will give me something to eat. I have 2 tubs of spinach which I’m mainly using in salads, 3 tubs of lettuce (going to plant one more of lettuce and spinach to take me through a little longer), some kale which will hopefully give us some nice meals through the winter (my mother grew the plants), 6 tomato plants which are just flowering and starting to get tomatoes on them and some courgettes which are coming along nicely but no flowers yet as I planted them really late. We’ve had a horrible summer here, hardly any good weather at all so the tomatoes are really late. I also have pepper plants and an aubergine plant but I don’t think either of those are going to do anything, the pepper plants have hardly grown at all since I planted them due to the cold and wet.

I think that’s enough rambling for one post, I have some photographs of food to share with you so I will get around to posting those soon I promise along with some comments about new cookbooks I’ve bought (I’ve bought rather a lot in the last few months!) so expect to see me here again soon!

*rather than Little One and Tiny which were names I only used on the blog I am changing over to nicknames I actually use in real life, Little One (who is 5 and not so little anymore) will be Jim and Tiny (who is 1 and almost caught up to the size he’s supposed to be) will be Piggle.


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