Vegetable Box (and fruit!)

I waited as patiently as possible and finally the organic box arrived this afternoon. I am still undecided how to arrange my food shopping, the box coming on a Friday isn’t really that helpful for me as I get my weekly money each Tuesday. Also, I don’t want to take the kids shopping for food on a Saturday as it’s so busy and Jim should be doing more fun things than food shopping (plus I don’t want to waste the time I have on my own shopping for food when they’re with their Dad). So, at the moment I’m getting the box on a Friday and not starting to use it until a Tuesday. The carrots from last week were a little bit soft when I got around to them but everything else lasted well, I’m just not sure how this week’s spinach will last….

Anyway, this is what I got this week:

There are potatoes, 3 onions, carrots, some runner beans, 2 courgettes, a bag of spinach and a nice big bag of tomatoes. I have emailed the lady who deals with the boxes and asked to go up to the large box next week but if she can put a few less potatoes and a few more onions in it. I think the boxes are aimed at people who have veg mainly as a side dish rather than it making up the main part of their meal. That’s why there are a lot less onions (I could use 3 in one dish!) and more potatoes than we would normally use. Once again I kind of ran out of vegetables after planning 5 meals so the larger box should hopefully make up that difference and give me enough to plan a whole week!

This week’s menu is as follows:

Potato and Spinach Blintzes with salad – Veganomicon
Black Bean and Zucchini Chilaquiles with refried beans- Vegan Family Cookbook
Southwestern Baked Rice Casserole with frozen vegetable – Vegan Family Cookbook
Pie with tvp chunks and various veg, served with potatoes and runner beans – make it up as I go
Quick Farmer’s Paella – Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen
Earthy Lentil Soup and bread – Vive Le Vegan
Pasta and Sauce (knew that jar of sauce would come in handy!)

I am having to buy garlic, onions, a green pepper, a red pepper, celery and some coriander which still isn’t too bad I don’t think, plus I managed to keep the rest of my list pretty short and I have some coupons so hopefully it will be another cheapish week.

This is the fruit that we got:

I’m not actually sure whether it’s good value for money at £5 (around $9.50) but it is really about all we will eat in a week and it will save on the waste of having to buy a bag of 8 apples that will go off before we eat them (or I get around to making them into apple sauce, there are currently 8 apples sitting on my kitchen counter waiting!) or a bag of pears (all organic fruit over here seems to come in pre-packed plastic bags) that will turn to mush before I get around to them. I don’t really like oranges but I’m sure I can manage 1 a week or put it in something, the other smaller citrus fruits I will eat and Piggle and I both love kiwi so those will go. I will carry on getting it for a while just to see what the range is like, there’s always the option of getting a bigger bag should Jim suddenly start wanting to eat more than bananas (I requested a minimum of 5 a week to go in his school lunches!).

There are 2 dishes on the menu I’ve never made before so that’s exciting, and one I’ve made once but didn’t blog about so that will show up at some point and I’m looking forward to making the pie, I will buy some puff pastry (non-organic as I’ve never seen organic available) to make it a bit quicker and I’m already thinking about what herbs to use and what vegetables to throw in, nothing like a lovely pie for dinner to make you feel comforted and warm which we need with the terrible weather we’ve had this summer!


So, what do you think?

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