Vegan Cookbooks

Compare this picture to the one found in this post and you will see that my collection has grown somewhat in the last few years! Not in this photo are the four sitting on my side table waiting to be read through and the six on the way to me in the post!

I started off with two of these shelves, the fourth one was actually made by my Dad as the shop I got the others from stopped making them. In a few months I will be looking for another place to start storing them as there isn’t a lot of room left!

Just for you I counted up the books and I have 97 vegan books (plus 6 more on the way) and 16 vegetarian ones. I also have books which cover non-vegetarian food, jam making, bread making, baby food etc and there are 27 of those.

I generally buy my books of Amazon Marketplace. I trawl through my wishlist once a week or so looking for the cheapest versions of books I have listed. I will only buy a secondhand book listed in ‘good’ condition unless they’re very expensive and there’s an ‘acceptable’ copy for much much cheaper. I check with Play Trade before buying anything too to make sure that it’s not cheaper there (free postage from Play vs £2.75 per book from Amazon). I also look in charity shops and check anything I see in bookshops to see if there is anything new that I need to add to my list. Every few months I click on the ‘you may also be interested in’ link on Amazon and see what new books are out there, check the lists that people put up of vegan books, follow links off blogs and about every six months I do a search for ‘vegan’ on Amazon and see what it kicks out. At the moment there are about 150 cookbooks on my Amazon wishlist!

Some books I use a lot more often than others, at the moment it’s Get It Ripe that I go to over and over and before that it was Veganomicon. I do try and go through ones that I haven’t used to find new things to make, but I do have a lot of books I’ve never cooked from, I’ll get there in the end!

I adore my cookbooks and love collecting them, even the ones that I can’t find anything I want to make from. I enjoy reading about food and getting new ideas and it’s nice to have a collection that can be added to cheaply and often!

So, what are your favourite books and how many cookbooks do you have?


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