Andrew’s Butternut Risotto

This might not look like much in the dish but it was a lovely meal that we all enjoyed, with the bonus of having leftovers for Piggle to have on days when there aren’t leftovers from the night before (he’s too young for a sandwich yet!).

I baked the butternut squash and garlic the day before as I had the oven on. The recipe calls for sweet brown rice which I’ve never seen so I used short grain brown rice which took forever and a day to cook (about 45 minutes I think but it felt like forever) but worked well in the recipe so I will use it again but just allow longer for it to cook as well and having the heat a bit higher than the recipe calls for, nothing worse than a 1 year old sitting on the kitchen floor crying at you because he’s hungry!

The texture of this risotto is really nice, the brown rice has a nice chew to it and the mashed up squash gives it a really creamy texture. There is supposed to be parsley in the dish which would give it a bit more colour but I’m not much of a parsley user (lazy as I have a plant in the back yard right outside my back door) so there’s no green highlights in our version.

I realised while eating this that everything in it besides the margarine that gets stirred in at the end was organic which made me really proud and happy, I’m becoming a bit obsessed with the organic thing huh?!?

Again, another keeper from this book. I’ve nothing planned from it this week for dinner but I’m sure I’ll probably find something else to make from it, the apple muffins I made and didn’t blog about were lovely so maybe I’ll do those again and post about them this time.


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