Earthy Lentil Soup

I’ve made this soup quite a few times now and I’m really surprised that I’ve not blogged about it before. This is a really hearty soup, almost like a stew the way I like it as there’s very little liquid left just lots of tasty lentils and vegetables (you can add more water if you want it thinner, I use the minimum amount the recipe states as I like mine thick).

It’s also a really simple recipe to make, you just saute your vegetables, add almost everything else and the simmer it for an hour then put a few more bits in right at the end (which actually I now realise I forgot to do, but it didn’t taste any worse for lack of those ingredients!).

Jim was doing his usual ‘I don’t like that and I’m not going to eat it’ routine and trying to get away with just eating the bread (that boy would live on bread and cereal alone if I let him) but when I finally got him going he finished off his whole helping and then later on said to me that it was a really nice dinner, I think it’s just the brown colour that put him off (he’s liked it every time he’s had it, he’s just picky and it’s hard to get him started eating sometimes).

This made enough for 2 meals for us plus 2 lunches for Piggle and nothing in it is expensive so it’s a really good budget dish along with being so tasty and filling.


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