Julie’s Rosemary Garlic Crackers

I had some leftover simple lentil soup that I was going to have for lunch but my Dad took me out for a ride in his new-to-him (older than me!) MG and bought me lunch (can’t argue at that!) so I decided to make these crackers that I read about a few days ago to make the soup more of a meal for my dinner. You can find the recipe on Everyday Dish and they are incredibly simple to make.

These things smell gorgeous when they’re cooking, opening the oven was a real treat! I cooked them slightly longer than the recipe said after my cookies came out all soft the other day, I have an oven thermometer and my oven was new when I moved and is pretty good at the dial meaning the heat it says but I didn’t want soggy crackers so I made sure they were fully cooked.

They are really tasty crackers and have the added bonus of being pretty damn healthy, having no artificial additives and being really cheap to make. I am sure I’ll be using this recipe over and over and changing the seasonings to see what different types I can come up with (putting some chipotle tabasco in some springs to mind!). Great recipe.


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