Vegan Planet

I had this book on my wishlist for a while but until I actually laid eyes on it in Powells in Portland I had no idea it was such a big book! Once I’d had a flick though I knew I had to buy it so I ordered it as soon as we got back to the UK (it was far too heavy to put in our luggage!).

The book is an astounding 576 pages long, including the index. It is written by Robin Robertson who’s books I am trying to collect as fast as I can and the copyright is 2003. Robin has a blog here if you’d like to keep up with what she’s doing. The book has 400 recipes and they are broken down into the following sections.

Vegan Basics (a standard vegan introduction with a couple of recipes but interesting)
Love at First Bite
Soups that Satisfy
Salads and Slaws
Sauces and Dressings
Chutneys, Salsas and Other Condiments
Veggies in the Middle
Going with the Grain
Universal Pasta
The World of Beans
From the Stew and Chili Pot
Food that Sizzles: Grilling, Sauteing and Stir-Frying
The Global Oven
Simply Stuffed
New World Pizza
Sandwiches, Wraps and Burgers
A Baker’s Dozen of Breads
Dessert Heaven
Smoothies, Shakes and Other Quenchers
Don’t Skip Breakfast

Wow, just typing all those sections makes me realise that although I’ve used this book a lot there is still tons for me to try out! What always strikes me about this book whenever I’m flipping through it looking for the next thing to try is the variety of recipes, some are simple and basic, some gourmet and complicated and the book uses a huge variety of ingredients so there is bound to be something in the book that fits with the ingredients you have to hand at any time.

Each of the sections has a short introduction and there are informational inserts throughout all the sections about the vegan diet in general or relating the recipes in that section.

The book does have recipes using seitan and some fake cheese but the majority of them use easy to find ingredients.

I’m sure I’ll carry on saying how much I love this book and be cooking from it for a long time to come!


So, what do you think?

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