The Vegetable Box

I’m a few days behind posting this, I didn’t actually get around to making a menu for it until last night and it’s a shorter one this time as I forgot when I made the last one that I didn’t need to feed the boy’s for 3 nights as they were with their Dad (I just eat leftovers or simple throw together stuff when they’re away, have a break from the cooking!).

So, in this box (which is our first of the large boxes moving up from the medium we’ve had the previous two weeks) I got carrots, broccoli, spinach, a cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, runner beans, celery and a sunshine squash which I’d never seen before but it very cute.

This was the fruit bag for the week, didn’t matter that the bananas are green as we had some leftover from last week that will take us through until these ripen.

The pear last week was so nice that I’ve planted two of the seeds from it to see if they will grow or not (need two trees to polinate each other I believe from my little previous reading about fruit trees)!

On my menu this week are the 2 dishes from The Vegetarian Family Cookbook that I didn’t make last week and

Cinnamon Spiced Roasted Veggies with cous cous from La Dolce Vegan
French Beans and Potatoes (with rice and poppadoms) from Spicy Vegan
Pasta E Fagioli from Yellow Rose Recipes
Broccoli Creem Soup from Get It Ripe
Carrot Soup from How It All Vegan

Yes, the carrot soup again but I have an absolute ton of carrots in the house and didn’t find anything in my searching last night that used up enough of them in one dish besides this soup. Anyway, we all love it so it will be worth making again and will give me leftovers to feed Piggle for lunch as he’s working his way through the other bits I froze for him.

Last week I didn’t use the spinach so I blanched it and froze it which means I can use it in the future which is handy. I’m already planning ahead for next week as we seem to have an awful lot of potatoes in the house at the moment (I don’t normally buy very many but we’re getting them weekly in the box) so I’m looking to make some home fries for breakfast on Sunday and seeing what else I can put them in for the next menu.


So, what do you think?

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