The Weekly Shop

So, last week after I did my shopping I sat down and did my finances and realised that I was basically a bit screwed and almost totally broke. It will get better if I’m careful and stop spending money I don’t need to spend, and as the majority of the money I spend is on food it’s the first area that needs to be cut. I refuse to give up the organic box now that I’ve finally found it and it makes me happy each week when it arrives and I still want to buy as much organic as I can as I feel very strongly now about feeding organics to the boys rather than putting rubbish in their bodies so I’ve tried to work that into my budget. What I need to do is use more of what I have in the house and find recipes that don’t need a ton of extra ingredients so that I’m not throwing money away each week.

This is everything that I bought this week from Sainsburys and the health food shop. Crisps for Jim’s lunch, organic juice boxes for Jim’s lunch, organic baked beans, organic chopped tomatoes, yogurts, organic pasta, organic vanilla soya milk, chocolate soya milk, organic bread (to go with one of the soups I’m planning to make, the Broccoli one I think, I will be making bread for next week as I have a ton of bread flour in the house), Piggle’s vitamins, soya margarine, organic tahini, organic stock powder and popcorn (can’t be without the popcorn!). Plus the usual 6 tins of cat food and minus the £4 I had in coupons my total was £21.31 which with the £17 organic veggies and fruit is £38.31 (around $69) which is so much better than last week! Piggles vitamins were what raised the price, they’re about £7.50 a bottle but they’re the only liquid vitamins that seem vegan that I can find and I won’t not buy them for him (they said vegetarian and dairy free on them).

So, I’m happy with what I got and with how little I managed to spend and next week will hopefully also be as little as I don’t have much left to spend before the 23rd of the month (rent’s due this week, ick). However, if I watch what I spend and keep up this frugal ‘use what I have in the house’ plan then I could be much better off by Christmas, that’s the plan anyway!


So, what do you think?

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