Mom’s Thumbprint Cookies

In keeping with saving money and not buying what I don’t need to I’m still trying to find biscuits/cookies to make for the boys that will appeal to them and are simple and cheap to make. This recipe fit the bill and the results were tasty, although I overcooked them a bit so they’re a little tough and Jim can’t have the jelly on his as it would just splat about the biscuit box he takes in his lunch.

The recipe says that it makes 40-45 cookies which means that she’s making really tiny ones from it as I made 16 large cookies. I think next time I will go for about 20 though instead. I didn’t roll them in nuts as I wanted to be able to give them to Piggle and I also baked them longer than it said as they were so much bigger (although as I said I overcooked them so I need to work on the baking time a bit). I think if they weren’t so hard that Jim would like them and I really enjoyed the taste of them so I’m sure I’ll make them again.

Now to figure out what to make today as we’re all out of these and there are still 2 schooldays left this week!


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