The Vegetarian Family Cookbook

I bought this book along with another as a housewarming present for myself when we moved here. I had seen a few things on the blogs cooked from it and it seemed like one to try.

The book is by Nava Atlas and was published in 2004. It’s 338 pages long including a very thorough index. The introduction includes information about reasons to be vegetarian and eat organically along with handy hints for feeding kids and cooking. Although called Vegetarian the book offers alternatives for vegan options for the recipes. The ingredients aren’t hard to find for most of the recipes and there are a lot of vegetables used along with grains, pulses, pasta and seitan/tofu.

The sections are:

Easy Breakfast Treats
Soothing Soups and Savory Stews
Salads and Such
Pasta and Noodles
Tofu and Seitan
Vegetable, Grain and Bean Main Dishes
Vegetable and Grain Side Dishes
Sandwiches, Wraps and School Lunches
Healthy Snacks and Fruity Treats
Wholesome Baked Goods
Appendix with general nutritional information, books and web resources to explore.

The strength of the book in my mind is that it gives you not just set in stone recipes but alternatives to them, different ways of presenting them so picky kids will try them and things that you can add to the dishes to make them more ‘adult’ in taste along with ways to make the dish into a meal. There are also quite a few pages of just suggestions for things to prepare which aren’t real recipes (like simple breakfast ideas and breakfast sandwiches).

My Mother wanted a cookbook to keep at her house for when we go over to dinner and I lent her this to have a look at. She liked it so much that she’s getting herself a copy which can’t be a bad thing and I’m looking forward to seeing what she picks from it to make.

This is one of the first books I pull out when I get my vegetable box as the kids have liked everything I’ve made from it so far. I will be working on getting them to eat more salads next summer and I’m sure the book will come in handy for that.

However, this isn’t just a cookbook for people with kids, as I said it tells you what you can add to make more adult meals and I’d say that there is something for everyone in this book as it covers a wide range of dishes and cuisines.


So, what do you think?

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