Whoopie Pies

Jim articulated what I had been thinking when he stated ‘they are not biscuits, they are cake’. I am still having this huge problem with US cookie recipes actually being cake in cookie shape. It’s a bit like my mental argument over hummous recipes that aren’t actually hummous but a dip or spread. Hummous to me should be chickpeas and not some random bean mixed with whatever you want and then blended, perhaps it might be hummus ‘style’ but it’s not hummous and you can’t convince me it is.

I thought chocolate cookies would be a treat for the boys (I didn’t bother with the creme filling) but these definitely aren’t kid friendly, there were crumbs all over the living room where Jim ate his and Piggle spread crumbs all over the kitchen trying to eat one whilst in his high chair. I guess I can send them to school with Jim and he can get crumbs all over the dining room there instead of my carpet.

I was hoping for softish cookies, sort of like chocolate chip, crunchy on the outside but chewy inside but instead I got 20 mini cakes which taste alright but are cake. Also, I have never made cookies that require 3 bowls before! They weren’t hard to make but did leave a lot of dishes to be washed.

My cookie quest continues….


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