Pasta E Fagioli

This was a really simple tasty pasta dish. You cook the pasta in the sauce (after a little pre-cooking in water) so it really has the flavour of it.

Seems like I’m always changing something these days in recipes! I didn’t add any wine as I’ve drunk it all and I halved the red chili flakes to 1/4 of a tsp and Jim still said it was too spicy for him but I thought it was fine (and Piggle ate it fine). I also didn’t add any parsley, as I’ve said before I almost always omit the parsley as I’m too lazy to go outside and cut some from my plant. I used cannellini beans as that’s what I had in the cupboard and I have never figured out what great northern beans are translated into British speak, haricot beans perhaps?

I really enjoyed the spinach in this, I’ve not been much of a spinach fan in the past but I think that’s just a few too many vegetarian lasagne’s which was all you could find to eat in British restaurants in the 90’s really and they tended to have soggy spinach in them which had a terrible texture. Maybe it’s knowing that this spinach is fresh and organic that helps me feel like eating it, who knows, but I’m glad I am finally including it in our diet as it’s so good for us.

This is a little sloppy for young children as the sauce is quite soupy, or perhaps Jim is just incredibly messy (there are many arguments for that opinion it has to be said…). Good filling food that tastes authentic even though I have no idea if it is!


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