Cauliflower/Broccoli Cheese and The Weekly Shop

When I got a cauliflower in the vegetable box this week all I could think that I wanted to do with it was make cauliflower cheese. I couldn’t find any inspiration for the small bit of broccoli I got either so I threw it in with the cauliflower and made this really tasty meal. The sauce is from Yellow Rose Recipes, although I added more flour than the recipe calls for, didn’t make a rue but instead did my normal white sauce where I throw everything in the pan and keep stirring and I also doubled it so it would be nice and saucy.

I used the remainder of a block of Smoked Cheddar Style Scheese that we’d found at the weekend in Sainsbury’s and it was really tasty in the sauce. We all enjoyed it very much and I’m sure I’ll be making something like this over and over again.

Still trying to save money this was my weekly shop

Not bad ‘eh? I got soya yogurts, 2 tins of organic chopped tomatoes, rubbish bags, organic vanilla soya milk, organic juice boxes, organic plain soya yogurt, a teeny tiny bottle of olive oil and organic cereal. All that, including 6 tins of cat food and some night time pull up nappies for Jim (still can’t find a cheap enough eco friendly or reuseable pull up for him) cost me £14.40 after £2.50 in coupons so with the fruit and vegetables that’s £31.40 (about $56).

It will be more expensive next time I shop as I have been making things like the instant coffee last so I have a few bits that I’ve avoided getting until I have the money. But I do intend to keep using what I have and spending as little as I can until my finances are more under control. Cooking from the vegetable box makes me feel like vegetables are the main part of our meal, which is how it should be, so I’m spending less on other ingredients which can only be a good thing for my budget and the environment.

Remind me I said that when I show you a huge shop full of stuff I wanted but didn’t actually need!


So, what do you think?

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