Still searching for things to give the boys and send for Jim’s lunch I thought I’d look to some English vegan cookbooks and see if I could find anything that resembled a ‘proper’ biscuit. I didn’t find what I was looking for but I did find a recipe for Peanut Butter Oaties in Easy Vegan Cooking by Leah Leneman.

Oh, and just for information Easy Vegan Cooking is exactly the same book, introduction and all, as 365 Plus One Vegan Recipes. I owned both and had no idea they were identical until I flicked though them both the other day… 365 was published in 1993 and Easy Vegan Recpies in 1998.

Anyway, these Oaties are cooked in one big piece and then sliced when they’re cool which fitted my want for easy baking that day so away I went.

They came out nicely, but they are a bit dry and fall apart quite easily. However the taste is there so I think they may just need a little bit more liquid in them, perhaps my peanut butter was a little bit dry, and they would be fine. Jim ate his in his lunch and I’ve scoffed far too many of them so they’ll get made again and played around with until I get it right.

Whilst looking for biscuits I found this recipe, Onion Flatbreads, in Simply Vegan. They sounded interesting so I decided to make them to have with the corn chowder I was cooking. I had a little bit of a disaster when I opened the jar of self raising flour to discover it was full of bugs. I’ve never had that happen before and luckily all my flours are stored in sealed jars so it couldn’t spread. My sister was coming for dinner so I rang her and she got some more flour on her way.

The breads have cumin, corriander and thyme in them along with the onions (I used a red onion as I was out of white). My mixture became far too wet, the recipe indicates a lot more water than you need and I was happily dumping it in quite a bit at a time before I realised that I should have added it slower and used less. Kneading in more flour along the way sorted it out and they turned out fine.

I really liked the texture of these but next time I make them I will double the amount of the spices, add a lot more salt than the recipe states and obviously use less water. I had some of the leftovers for lunch warmed in the toaster with a little bit of margerine on them and they were a nice as the night before so it’s a keeper to play around with.


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